Ankle - PWR3

This set of releases includes the Calf, Outer Lower Leg, and Foot to improve ankle and foot mobility as part of your warm-up or recovery for running and lower body exercises. Many sports and activities require you to get into an athletic stance, perform quick start and stop movements and generate power from the lower body to the upper body such as throwing, hitting, and swinging. Ankle range of motion is critical to being resistant to injury and can affect your movement efficiency from the ground up.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform these MOBO releases. 


Calf and Outer Lower Leg

  • If any area feels knotted or tension feels concentrated to that area, you may maintain pressure on that area or roll for additional repetitions while breathing slowly through the nose while allowing tension to release.
  • You may need to extend the knee to lower the leg. This may give the rollers better contact and pressure into the muscle area.


  • If you have difficulty with balance or feeling safe standing on a single leg, you may sit on a chair or elevated surface to perform the Foot Release.
  • Focus on the center and inside arch area of the foot.


Calf and Outer Lower Leg

  • Avoid rolling over any bony areas such as your ankle bone.
  • Avoid the bony points on the outside of the leg, close to the knee, as well as on the ankle.


  • Do not attempt to stand on the roller. You are placing the foot on the roller and only creating moderate pressure.
  • Avoid the outside edge of your foot to avoid sensitive bony areas. 
  • Avoid directly rolling under the toes or heel bone.


  • Discontinue if there is any sharp or radiating pain.