Upper Back - PWR3

This set of releases includes the Upper Trap, T-Spine and Lat Releases that when combined can reduce tension in your upper back and improve mobility in both the upper back and shoulder. Your upper body conditioning and ability to develop strength and power for many fitness activities and sports movements can be directly affected by tension in the upper back. This is good for warm-up, movement preparation, and recovery strategies for injury protection.  Using this release for relaxation before bedtime can improve your quality of sleep. 

Please watch the video for instructions to perform these MOBO releases.  


Upper Trap

  • Explore different arm motions and arm circles to feel a deeper release if your body needs it.


  • Lean your body into the wall for balance and control while positioning the MOBO.
  • Use your upper arm and elbows to adjust MOBO’s position at any time. 
  • You can adjust your foot forward and lean backward with your torso to increase pressure. 


  • Rest the hand on top of the head to help relax the arm and lat muscle area. 
  • Adjust the angle of your body and MOBO to find the pressure needed with the rollers. 


Upper Trap

  • Avoid putting the end of MOBO on the bony part of the shoulder.
  • Do not force your head to turn or tilt beyond what is your comfortable range of motion.


  • Avoid allowing a roller to make contact with the center, bony part of your spine.


  • Avoid rolling up into the armpit area or bony area of ribs. 
  • Adjust the angle of MOBO or your body to avoid the anchor slipping off the surface.


  • Discontinue if there is sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.