Low Back - PWR3

Low Back - PWR3

This set of releases includes the Front Hip, Glute, and Hamstring Releases that when combined can reduce tension in your low back and improve your ability to successfully engage the core. Your lower body conditioning and ability to develop strength and power for many fitness activities and sports movements can be directly affected by tension in this region of your body. The muscles around the hips and that attach to the pelvis can alter your hip, pelvis, and low back positions. This is good for warm-up, movement preparation, and recovery strategies for injury resilience.  Using MOBO before bedtime can improve relaxation in the low back area to improve your quality of sleep. 

Please watch the video for instructions to perform these MOBO releases.  





  • Maintaining a grasp of the MOBO bar while performing the Front Hip and Glute releases can prevent or limit MOBO from slipping off the location.  
  • Maintain a level pelvis during leg movements and avoid arching your low back.  
  • Make sure to perform the Hamstring Release on both the inside and outside hamstrings with the anchor and roll technique.


Front Hip: 

  • IMPORTANT: Avoid letting the end of the MOBO move inward from that location towards the groin area to avoid putting pressure on vital nerves and vessels.  

Glute Release: 

  • Avoid putting the end of MOBO close to the tailbone.
  • Avoid putting directly on the boney area of the hip.

All of Power 3-Lower Back

  • Discontinue if there is any sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.

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