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MOBO is a 7-in-one soft tissue massage and myofascial release tool for total-body mobility. Help maximize performance, prevent injury and reduce pain.

😌 Deep Tissue Relief
🎯 Trigger Point Relief
🏃‍♀️ Improve Mobility
🩺 45+ Years Research-Supported
⭐️ Used by Elite Athletes

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Designed With

Smarter Mobility in Mind

Evidenced-based soft tissue release techniques backed by 45+ years of fitness and physical therapy expertise.

Intelligent, Innovative, Patented Design. Premium, 100% recyclable material for sustainable quality. 7-in-1 tool.

Intelligent, Innovative, Patented Design

Removable End Caps (Non-Allergenic)

Latex-free, non-allergenic rubber end caps

Beech Wood Rollers

Beech wood rollers with non-allergenic thermoplastic rubber bands, all 100% recyclable.

Slip Resistant

Patented Grip Factor.

Adjustable Rollers

Use the power of leverage to create the ideal amount of compression and manually apply the pressure appropriate for your mobility journey.

Airplane-Grade Aluminum Bar

Carefully crafted with an airplane-grade aluminum bar

"I think it's a vital tool. I see it as a bridge between physical therapy and maintaining musculoskeletal health, and I think it's amazing!"

- Dr Sara Stimson, MD (Phoenix Magazine - 2021 & 2022 Top Docs)