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End Tech Neck Pain: Proven Strategies with MOBO

We live in a world where we're always attached to our screens. Whether it is our computers, tablets, or laptops at work or our phones during leisure time, we are always looking downward. This has g...

Top Back Pain Hacks: 2024 TikTok Solutions!

Top Back Pain Hacks: 2024 TikTok Solutions!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2024! This new year is the perfect time to bid adieu to that nasty backache you've been nursing for years. If reducing your back pain is one of your top goals or re...

ACLA patient with her left leg in a post-op knee brace reclines in a hospital bed after surgery.

Women are More Prone to ACL Injury, but Myofascial Release Can Help

There is a huge discrepancy in male and female athletes when it comes to potentially career-ending events, and knee injuries are a top contributor.

Myofascial ReleaseA man wearing workout clothing sitting in the grass using a MOBO tool to perform myofascial release on his right calf.

What Kind of Pain Should I Feel During Myofascial Release?

As athletes we’ve been trained to endure some levels of pain, but where is the line between “good” and “bad” pain when practicing myofascial release?

Lower BackA woman in workout clothing faces the ocean and presses both hands to her lower back.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt and How Do I Fix It?

Tension in your lower back becomes a problem when it is out of balance and creates instability. Learn how to fix and prevent common issues.

TrainingClose-up of the legs of a group of participants in a running race.

How to Make it to Race Day

Learn how to set yourself up for success and make it to race day by preparing your muscles for high impact training like endurance runs.