Empowering mobility by removing all the barriers to keep you accelerating forward

The Beginnings

Removing Barriers

Dr. Christie Powell was inspired to create a tool her clients could use at-home or on-the-go for body maintenance and recovery. Her determination to replicate the manual therapy and mobilization techniques she performed in the clinic led to years of product innovation and testing with her patients and athletes. After many design iterations that pushed all the boundaries and resulted in multiple patents, the end-product that emerged was a single myofascial release tool, MOBO.

The creation of Mobo

The creation of our product was only a starting point for a larger vision to improve overall mobility and movement in a population struggling with increasing musculoskeletal injuries and sedentary lifestyles. The next step was pulling together a team of industry experts and human movement specialists that shared her enthusiasm and commitment to improving quality of life through mobility tools, education and tech.

Our Mission & Vision

Mobility Matters

We believe everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to live their most active life possible. Mobility is something we are born with, but not guaranteed. MOBO exists to create greater awareness that mobility matters and deliver the complete solution to take control of your personal mobility journey.

Our Expertise & Technology


Our commitment is to always make research and innovation our top priority. As the knowledge behind mobility expands, our team will be at the forefront of that exploration. Partnering with the best researchers and innovators in the field, we’ll maintain our dedication to providing tools, education and tech solutions proven to make the greatest impact in the emerging landscape of mobility.


We bring the perfect combination of knowledge, experience and heart to the field of mobility with the underlying goal of improving how people move and feel. The MOBO team is a close circle of thought leaders and altruists dedicated to making a positive impact on the healthcare and fitness industries.



Founder & VP of R&D

Christie brings an extensive background in sports medicine physical therapy, experience owning and running a physical therapy practice, years of instructing courses for graduate and undergraduate university programs and participation in various publications and journal reviews to the design and development of MOBO products and education.


MELISSA Laughlin


Melissa elevates MOBO by sharing more than a decade of experience building and growing fitness and healthcare start-ups in their early development and offering specialty focus areas of business development, marketing, operations and international business.



VP of Education

Diane is a leader, public speaker, and trusted resource on human movement, functional training and strength and conditioning. She brings to MOBO her vast experience owning and managing human performance centers, working as an advisory board member for top professional organizations, and developing progressive education and curriculum to elevate the fitness and healthcare industries.


Maureen Jenkins

VP of Sales

Maureen is an accomplished sales leader with a strong background in education and an expertise in sports performance and fitness. She brings her passion and dedication for people, operations, creative business solutions and partnerships to the MOBO team.

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