Hip - PWR3

Hip - PWR3

This combo includes the Front Hip, Side Hip, and Glute Releases using the Press and Move technique to improve hip mobility after you sit at work, school, or home for long periods of time then need to transition to exercise or sports activities. Your hips work with your core to initiate powerful and athletic movements.  These soft tissue mobility releases are good for warm-up, movement preparation, or recovery when running or focusing sports movements that involve the lower body where your hip position and posture are crucial to success. This can also serve as a great soft tissue mobility break for those who need recovery and body care throughout the day.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform these MOBO releases. 



  • Maintaining a grasp of the MOBO bar while performing the release can prevent or limit MOBO from slipping off each release location.  
  • To help maintain pressure with MOBO keep it parallel with the ground.
  • During the leg movements, maintain a level pelvis and avoid arching the low back.  


Front Hip: 

  • IMPORTANT: Avoid letting the end of the MOBO move inward from that location towards the groin area to avoid putting pressure on vital nerves and vessels. 

Glute Release: 

  • Avoid putting the end of MOBO close to the tailbone or on the hip bone. 

All of Power 3-Hip

  • Please do not use this Power 3-Hip release if you have balance and or stabilization concerns that may put you at risk of falling. 
  • Discontinue if there is any sharp, shooting or radiating pain.

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