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Close-up of a female holding up a Kettlebell during a mixed group class.

3 Ways Mobility Supports Target Weight Goals

Whether you’re wanting to shed a few pounds or get back into shape after the holidays, weight-loss related goals are common at the start of a new year.

MobilityA woman in workout clothing sits and rubs her sore ankle.

5 Most Common Types of Injuries in the New Year

A fresh new year often starts with pushing fitness goals harder than before, but avoid these 5 common injuries that can sideline your progress.

Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial-Releases-for-Hip-Mobility

Myofascial Releases for Hip Mobility

Hip mobility is something we have from the time we are born. Just think about the baby who easily puts their toes in their mouth. Our mobility enables a sensory-rich experience as we explore our en...

Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Releases to Target Shoulder Mobility

Myofascial Releases to Target Shoulder Mobility

As we move through our daily activities, our ability to carry, push, pull, reach overhead, and even walk is influenced by the natural movements of our upper body. 

Mobility5 Reasons Why Mobility is Important

5 Reasons Why Mobility is Important

Mobility is important for efficient, quality movement This is certainly true for exercising, but also when you are playing with your kids, working on a...