Front Hip Release- Press & Move

Front Hip Release- Press & Move

Increases soft tissue mobility on the front of the hip to improve pelvic position and your hip mobility.  MOBO provides the distance from the wall or stable surface that allows you to use leg movements while applying the point of compression in the hip flexor muscle area. This improves mobility for lower body movements and sports actions such as running, kicking, sprinting, or lower body exercises.  This is also great to release tension from prolonged sitting posture at work or school.  

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release. 



  • Grasp bar of MOBO while performing the release to prevent MOBO slipping off point of compression. 
  • Always maintain pressure with MOBO and keep it parallel with the ground.


  • IMPORTANT: Avoid letting the end of the MOBO move inward from that location towards the groin area to avoid putting pressure on vital nerves and vessels.
  • Avoid arching the low back and maintain a level pelvis during the leg movements. 
  • Discontinue if there is any sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.

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