Lat Release - Anchor & Roll

Lat Release - Anchor & Roll

This soft tissue release is unique to MOBO, reaching the hard-to-reach lat muscle area while anchoring to the wall for easy access and body positioning. It releases tension in the lateral aspect of the torso to improve mobility in this large muscle that supports core and shoulder movements.  It is especially beneficial before upper body exercises and sports movements.  

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release. 


  • Rest the hand on top of the head to help relax the arm and lat muscle area. 
  • Adjust the angle of your body and MOBO to find the pressure needed with the rollers. 


  • Avoid rolling up into the armpit area or bony area of ribs. 
  • Adjust the angle of MOBO or your body to avoid the anchor slipping off the surface.
  • Discontinue if there is sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.

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