Hamstring Release - Anchor & Roll

Hamstring Release - Anchor & Roll

The Hamstring Release using the Anchor and Roll technique is uniquely effective at soft tissue release based on MOBO’s design. It can reduce tension on the back of the upper leg and improve mobility of the knee and hip. It is good for warmup or movement prep before running, cycling, or sport. It can also reduce over-active hamstring muscle activation that contributes to low back tension. 

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release. 


  • Adjust your knee and foot position as needed to position the rollers on the muscle of the hamstrings. It is important to find a position in which the hamstring muscles can relax while rolling. 
  • If you find a sensitive area, use short, quick movements for deeper release followed by longer movements over the muscle area to relax the muscles. 


  • Discontinue if there is sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.

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