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T-Spine Release - Press & Move - Floor

T-Spine Release - Press & Move - Floor

The T-Spine Release supports mobility and movement needed for some of our most basic needs such as breathing and posture, to more dynamic needs such as the upper body movements in running, throwing, or overhead lifting. Healthy shoulder mobility involves thoracic spine mobility for good positioning and movement.  Therefore maintaining healthy soft tissues and mobility for the t-spine supports activities we love and supplements mobility to combat extended periods in bad postures at the computer or on our phones.  

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release. 


  • You may use a towel, book, or MOBO block to support your head during the T-spine Release.  The position of the forehead and chin should be level.  Avoid excessive neck (cervical) flexion when the head is supported.
  • Use your upper arm and elbows to adjust MOBO’s position at any time. 


  • Note: This is an aggressive release that is for those with enough muscle mass and soft tissue in the t-spine area to tolerate this position and pressure. 
  • Avoid pressing rollers on your spine. Stay in the muscle areas on the sides of your spine. 
  • Discontinue if there is sharp, shooting, or radiating pain.

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